Compliance Information for Conservation Programs

Understand Your Plan

Below you'll find basic information on government cost share programs provided by NRCS, USDA, MDC, and other agencies.  It's very important that you follow your agency's guidelines when participating in any cost share plans.  ALWAYS check with your local agency prior to purchasing native seed, prepping your ground, and planting, to make sure you're doing your part for your cost share.

  • Identify the purpose of your planting so that we can help you select the appropriate seed mix.
  • Seeding rates or recommended planting rates are normally provided for cost share programs.  This information can be found on your "job sheet".  If you're not participating in a program, we can help with suggested seeding rates.
  • When purchasing seed, it is recommended that the seed be measured by PLS (pure live seed).  PLS is the percentage of seed that will potentially germinate within one pound of weight from any seed lot.  PLS = % of total germ X % of purity
  • Seeding may be required by either PLS pounds per acre or seeds per square foot depending on your agency or plan.
  • Dormant seeding is strongly recommended by way of broadcasting or drilling.
  • Dormant seeding for northern MO runs from November 16 - March 15.
  • Dormant seeding for southern MO runs from December 1 - February 29
  • For spring plantings, drilling is the recommended method of planting.
  • Spring seeding for northern MO is March 16 - May 31
  • Spring seeding for southern MO is March 1 - May 15
  • Seed for cost share plantings must come from the eligible counties in Missouri and adjacent states shown on the NRCS seed source geography map.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our office at 866-HSM-SEED.  We are readily available throughout the entire process and look forward to working with you from start to finish.

Be sure to check out our Three P's of Native Plantings and our Maintenance Recommendations for some helpful tips.

Purple milkweed monarch host plant with young monarch caterpillar feeding on native plant
Purple milkweed monarch host plant with young monarch caterpillar feeding on native plant